Newborn Baby Gift

"A Newborn Baby Gift needn't be expensive to show how much you care…"

Newborn Baby Gift

Newborn Baby Gift

  • Looking for a Newborn Baby Gift?
  • Check out this Unique Baby's First Year Calendar
  • An ideal keepsake gift
  • Perfect for a new mother, or mother-to-be and for the new dad!
  • Exclusive to Babyseen, it's not available in any stores!
  • Creatively designed to record a baby's first year
  • Can be started on the baby's age, any month of the year
  • An ideal Newborn Baby Gift - suitable for a baby boy or a baby girl
  • Every order comes with a FREE gift!

Newborn Baby Gift

My Baby's First Year Keepsake Calendar



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Newborn Baby Gift

A Newborn Baby Gift from a proud Grandparent, Family and Friends
Looking for Newborn Baby Gift? "My Baby's First Year Calendar" from Babyseen is a unique idea in Newborn Baby Gift from grandparents, friends and family. Our aim at Babyseen is to produce an unusual and Newborn Baby Gift at the lowest online prices. Compare the high quality and care taken with this gift with other similar baby gifts and you will see that our price is really competitive.

Unique Baby Gifts for new mothers from grandparents, family and friends

Baby Congratulations gift

Limited Offer Price

Only $9.95USD + p&p or £5.95+ p&p

"Unique baby gifts needn't be expensive
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Baby Keepsake Calendar

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