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"A gift needn't be expensive to be valuable…"


  • Babyseen has adopted the slogan "A gift needn't be expensive to be valuable…" simply because it's true!
  • Multiple Orders - We accept a maximum of five orders placed at the same time. If you require a larger or bulk order please contact us
  • My Baby's First Year Keepsake Calendar is the first product Babyseen has brought to market and we also have some great new ideas under development
  • We want to return to the traditional values in retail when it was fashionable to put the customer first and trade in an honest way - this ideal seems to have been lost on the Internet perhaps because people don't meet their customers face-to-face

  • our promises to our customers are as follows:

To produce inexpensive but high quality products
Payments accepted via the security of PayPal
To operate with honesty and integrity
To create new innovative designs
To put our customers first





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Unique Baby Gifts for new mothers from grandparents and family

Baby Congratulations gift

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"Unique baby gifts needn't be expensive
to be valuable…"


Baby Keepsake Calendar


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